Seamlessly offer your clients the SEO services they need.

Want to offer your clients more SEO services, but don’t have the team or bandwidth to fulfill that promise?

Welcome to Aedin Insight for Agencies

Whether you're a growing agency that finds it hard to hire and retain strong SEO professionals, you'd rather focus on your strengths and leave the behind-the-scenes work to a specialist, or you just don't have the bandwidth to fulfill your clients' digital needs, Aedin Insight Digital Marketing Agency has a solution that works for you.

Founded in 2015, Aedin Insight is a national, award-winning Internet marketing agency with many years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Our SEO company is made up of a group of individuals who love what they do, and are passionate about watching clients succeed online.

Why not tap into the experience and passion we have, so you can stay focused on your core services?


Why Aedin Insight for Agencies?

As an Digital marketing agency that caters to a wide variety of clients, we understand the need to have a reinforcement in your corner. You want someone you can count on to bolster your business when you need it, so you can seamlessly offer the services your clients will benefit from the most without missing a beat.

  1. With over 5 years in business, we're a reliable, trustworthy company with an impeccable reputation.
    Established in 2015, Aedin Insight has grown from a one-man operation to a full-service agency. We've worked with and produced results for clients across a wide variety of states, countries, and industries.

  2. We're Google Premier partners.
    We're at the highest level of Google Partners. That means that, not only have we passed Google's certification exams, but our PPC accounts show that we provide solid revenue and growth for our clients.

  3. We're SEO & PPC experts
    Our SEO and PPC specialists are a remote workforce. That means that we can search high and low for the best and brightest talent for our team! We've been in the industry since 2005, so we've watched it change - and we've changed right along with it.

  1. We're social media marketing experts.
    Being able to reach an audience on social media can be a huge win for many companies and brands. We understand how social media works, and what people want to see in their feeds.

  2. We have online reputation management tools.
    Reviews for businesses have become more and more important over the last several years, and they'll only keep becoming more influential. We use to monitor and get more positive reviews for our clients.

  3. We provide custom dashboards & reports.
    SEO and marketing numbers can be hard to understand for some clients. We make it easy with our custom dashboards and easy-to-read reports.

A professional digital agency that delivers

Whether you need a referral agency you can feel confident about, a partner to work in conjunction with, or white label digital services that exceed expectations, the Aedin Insight team is ready to fit your needs.

Our services for agencies

SEO is essential to the organic growth of your clients' businesses. Selling monthly SEO services gives your agency a stream of recurring, monthly revenue.

We'll optimize your clients' websites with up-to-the-minute SEO standards in mind.

Your clients' local visibility is paramount to succeeding in a local market. Local SEO is necessary to increase that visibility.

A link audit is an essential piece of link building! We'll check your clients' link profile for any spammy links, and build new ones on relevant, high-quality websites.

We're Google Premier Partners, and we're Bing experts, too. We'll manage your clients' campaigns with an eagle eye.

Your clients' customers are on social media. Reach them with targeted social ads.

Reaching customers at the right time with the right offer or content is incredibly important, and can be done through targeted email campaigns.

By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. The time to invest in video is now.

Our solutions for agencies


When a client asks for a service that's outside of your own scope, just refer them to Aedin Insight and we'll create a solution.


Leverage Aedin Insight's digital marketing expertise to complement your client solutions. Introduce Aedin Insight as a transparent partner with limited risk to your agency's reputation.


We'll work as a behind-the-scenes extension of your agency, keeping all client-facing documents and communications under your brand.